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A great possibility to earn money with your images!

ifnm images a business area of the ifnm Press Agency is an indispensable source of editorial and creative photographs for professional image buyers. ifnm is a independent international journalistic and photographic Agency located in Newark Delaware, USA, founded by established photographers with over 20 years of experience on this field.

With a network of photographers based throughout the world we can meet your needs quickly, professionally and cost effectively. Our clients include US, Spanish, German and British national, regional and local newspapers and magazines (daily, weekly and monthly, print and online).

Photojournalism is a special form of journalism (the collecting, editing, and presenting of news material for publication or broadcast that creates images in order to tell news stories. Photojournalists must make decisions instantly. A decision for the right moment.

If you are a working photographer producing editorial or stock images that meet our special areas of interest we would be happy to consider representing your work. Send us a sample / portfolio of your work or your website address together with your resume to: sales@ifnm.org

Make it easy and quick for someone to look through your work. Keeping your portfolio simple with a limited amount of pages is important. Sometimes it’s nice to know the story behind the images.

When you send your portfolio please ensure that it is clearly labelled with your name, address and your ifnm Press Card number (if you have applied through the ifnm system).

Please read more about ifnm images.

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