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Contributor Questions:

Can I apply to be a Contributor of ifnm images?

Yes, you may apply. Contribution to ifnm Images is a by invitation-only and portfolios of possible candidates are evaluated by a panel consisting of experienced directors of photography. The criteria for selection are a good eye for highly editorial related shots and good composition. Right now the only photos that we sell are the ones taken by photographers of the ifnm and it's partners. If you are a member of ifnm and a working or freelance photographer producing editorial or stock images that meet our special areas of interest we would be happy to consider representing your work. Please send us a sample / portfolio of your work or your website address together with your resume to: sales@ifnm.org

What shall we do then?
When you send your portfolio please ensure that it is clearly labelled with your name, address and your ifnm Press Card number (if you have applied through the ifnm). The attachment file size should be no more than 5 MB.

What shall we do then?
We will then get our panel of reviewers to evaluate your portfolio and we will open for you a contributor account to join our ranks of ifnm contributors, if you meet the panelist's criteria. No rejection reasons will be given. Please make it easy and quick for someone to look through your work. Keeping your portfolio simple with a limited amount of pages is important. Sometimes it’s nice to know the story behind the images.

How long will the evaluation process take?
It should take no more than one week and we will inform you by email.

How can I upload my pictures?
Once you've been accepted as an ifnm contributor, you will need to access the Upload section and from there make your selection to uploads. We will still read IPTC and EXIF information from your uploaded files. We

How long will the image review process take?
Your images will be reviewed. It should take no more than one/two working days from the upload time to receive the final verdict on submitted content.

How much pay ifnm for my images?
Sales into international markets through our network of experienced distributors. It's free to contribute and you' ll earn 70% commission on all distribution sales.

When will ifnm pay commissions from license sales?
Once in the month. We will execute payment by the 15th of the new month. Payments shall be made according to the payment preferences in the Personal Information page.

What payment options are there?
Contributors may choose to be paid by PayPal or US Bank check. All of our prices are listed in US $.

Is there a minimum payout amount?
Yes, there is. PayPal = $50 and US Bank check = $100 and above. If your total surpasses the minimum amounts above, we will be making payments to you!

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