Thank you for your interest in ifnm (International Federation of New Media llc). It seems incredible that eighteen years have passed since ifnm's launch back in 2006. During those years we have welcomed new members from around the world and our membership has gone from strength to strength. We would like to say a special thank you to all existing ifnm members and a hearty welcome to new members joining ifnm - The International Federation of New Media llc. We believe you need access to gain the experience.

Ifnm is a dynamic professional journalist organization with members in the whole world and is a part of an international professional and freelance journalist network. We are located in Newark Delaware, USA, founded by established press photographers with over 30 years of experience in this field.

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Free, independent and up-to-date!

ifnm is an organization dedicated to advancing the professional development and advancement of journalists working in all areas of journalism, news, television, photography, radio, blogger, newspapers, the World Wide Web (new media) and related disciplines. ifnm supports professional and freelance journalists throughout the world by promoting equal opportunities, encouraging professional development and serving as an information network.

ifnm is also an independent registered journalist press and photographic agency, thus allowing all photographers and journalists, registered to ifnm, an equal opportunity in the world of journalism, allowing them to work part or full-time as a journalist. Our press card gives credibility to its holder and on many occasions opens doors to bigger things. ifnm - Your international journalist Press Credentials / Press Pass to media events and trade shows! You should simply enjoy your press work. Having motivation is a fundamental requirement in order to be able to provide excellent work to the highest standards.

ifnm - making your work easier by being a part of our organization.

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Member Testimonials

Thank you for taking the time to send us your valued comments!
I have held one of your cards for around 14 years now and have found it very useful in assisting me with my work. As an aviation journalist it has enabled me to attend trade shows such as Farnborough International Airshow and major events such as the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford. It has also assisted me in obtaining access to military facilities in France, Germany, USA, United Kingdom and more, and has enabled me to obtain photograph's that I would have otherwise been unable to get.

Mike Green, UK (Editor, Jetwash Aviation Photo's, www.jetwashaviationphotos.com

Membre d'IFNM depuis quelques années, je viens volontairement témoigner du service et de la disponibilité "haut de gamme" de l'équipe d'IFNM. Plus qu'un groupe, c'est une entité chaleureuse qui s'est formée autour, et c'est sans aucun soucis que j'ai et continue à recommander l'inscription à IFNM, ce que je fais régulièrement avec certaines connaissances professionnelles dans mon secteur...
Je remercie une fois de plus, toute l'équipe d'IFNM pour leur profession- nalisme exemplaire ainsi que leur disponibilité.

Paul Marais-Hayer, indépendant secteur Aéronautique / Tourisme, France

my name is Joal Walter and I’m ifnm member since 2007. My experience with ifnm has been absolutely hassle free. I would like to tell you how happy I am with my ifnm press card. As an sport photographer it has enabled me to attend major sport events such as Football European Championship 2008, Swimming World Championships 2009 or African Cup of Nations 2010.
So once again many, many thanks...

Joal Walter. Photographer, Switzerland